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Wild goat meat bones are a great source of calcium to keep bones and teeth strong, plus the tearing/chewing motion and production of gastric juices help reduce tartar build up on teeth. The bones are relatively soft, so easy for dogs to crunch and digest. They are also covered with plenty of high protein goat meat which has good levels of iron plus Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), which promote strong muscles, energy production, healthy skin and good eyesight.


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    Sourced from the Bay of Plenty, our suppliers are extremely vigilant, using registered hunters who only hunt on certified poison-free and TB- free land.  All product is processed in plants stringently approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries. 



    100% goat bones.  No additives or preservatives.



    individually frozen, approx 100 - 300gms each. Packed in compostable bags (up to 3kg max per bag).



    Defrost before feeding and keep refrigerated. Not recommended to defrost more than 3 day's worth. Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap after serving. 

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