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As carnivores, most dogs and cats thrive on raw meat - our dog Brodie certainly does. But knowing where to buy it and how to ensure a balanced diet can be a bit tricky. Well, no longer. With Brodie's Raw Pet Food Delivery you can buy frozen raw pet food online, have it delivered to your door and make sure your pet gets a balanced diet via our Weekly Menu Bags or Tailored Menus.

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We would love to learn about your pet so we can help you feed them the best possible diet.  

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10/10 every time. Customer service is amazing. Always ready to help, change an order, pause, change shipment address when we are on holiday etc. They do whatever they can for our baby. We love Brodie’s so much, raw food has helped my dog through skin and yeast issues as well as to gain more weight.

Harriet, Palmerston North






$6.00 Auckland (20km radius from Orakei)

Thursday evenings: Eastern Bays & Surrounds plus North Shore

Sundays: rest of Auckland


Elsewhere in Auckland & North Island 

Environmental Focus 

Who We Are

All meat packed in compostable starch bags.

All dried treats in compostable paper bags

Product delivered in tote bags which customers return to recycle

Any polystyrene boxes used are recycled from local vet, supermarket and fish shop and returned by customers for further recycling

Who We Are 

Hi, I'm Anne-Marie, pet parent to Brodie.  I became passionate about raw feeding around 6 years ago after seeing the positive changes in Brodie when we moved him from a dry diet to a raw one: - no more ear infections, itchy skin or bad breath. This passion led me to a take a Certificate in Raw Dog Food Nutrition and to then launch Brodie's Raw Dog Food Delivery in September 2018. Our goal is to make feeding a raw diet easy and convenient so that as many pet parents as possible can see the difference a nutritious raw diet makes in their pets' lives. 


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We are closed for delivery of raw food during Level 4.  We can still supply Air-dried food, treats and supplements click here