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Doggy Daily Superfood Boost


As carnivores dogs and cats get their nutritional requirements from a balanced raw diet. However modern farming practices and global environmental pollution can mean some soils are at times deficient in important trace minerals. This in turn can impact the nutritional value of the animal protein .

 As with our own diet, it good every now and again to have a boost of some superfoods which will provide a supply of these trace minerals.

Doggy Daily is a powdered booster made up from a host of 'natural super foods' such as Brazil Nuts (selenium source which aids healthy thyroid gland and immune system), Hemp Seed Powder ( good Omega 3 source to help reduce inflammation and support healthy joints), Turmeric (contains curcumin which supports healthy liver, gut, immune, brain, joint and skin function) and many more. For full list off ingredients click here

Add the below amount as a topper once a day onto your pet's raw food:

  • Extra-Small Dog (Under 2.5kg): 1/2 teaspoon 
  • Small Dog  (2.5kg - 10kg): 1 teaspoon 
  • Medium Dog  (10kg - 18kg):  2 teaspoons 
  • Large Dog (18kg +): 3 teaspoons


Our 150 gm bag contains approximately 35 tsps of Doggy Daily mix or just over one month’s supply for a smaller dog..

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Shipped Nationwide. Overnight courier costs $7.50 up to 3kg, $10.50 up to 6kg and $17.50 up to 10kg.

Spoiled Goods/Refunds/Replacements

If you feel the product has been delivered to you in a damaged or spoiled state, please take photographs and send them to info@brodies.nz with details on the issue. If Brodies.nz are in agreement we will either credit your account or do a replacement delivery, depending on your preference.

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