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Freeze-dried Lamb Dog Food 500gms (Makes 2kg)


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Perfect if you are going away and can't take raw food. The high meat protein content (92%) means you will not undo all the good work of a raw diet through feeding a carb-dense kibble.

Unlike other drying techniques where heat is used, freeze drying ensures up to 98% of all the raw nutrients are retained.

As the Bailey & Co Grass-fed New Zealand Lamb Food is so nutrient dense you only need to use approx. a third to a half of your normal raw food volume.  Mix with water to ensure plenty of hydration. 

Designed by a vet nutritionist, the Bailey & Co Lamb food contains lamb muscle meat, lamb kidneys, lamb heart, Lamb liver, lamb tripe plus green-lipped mussels and plus added natural supplements such as turmeric and the probiotic Inulin, all of which are fantastic or skin, joint and gut health. 


Human-grade, pasture-fed product, 100% New Zealand. 



Lamb muscle meat plus lamb tripe, kidneys, heart & liver. Green-lipped mussels, turmeric, kumara, Inulin and natural antioxidants. 


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