Why Raw Food?

Shinier Coats & Healthier, Less Itchy Skin

Cleaner Teeth, Healthy Gums & Nicer Breath

Improved Digestion & Smaller, Less Smelly Stools

Higher Energy Levels & Calmer Temperament

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Learn More about Raw Feeding 


Are Raw Eggs Good for Our Pets?

Article highlights the great benefits of feeding raw eggs to your pets and covers some of the concerns often raised

Getting started on Raw Food

Great Starter Guide by popular website " Raw Feeding Rebels

Advice and research on the benefits of feeding your dog raw bones

Raw Feeding Cats for Beginners

1 pager on getting your cat started on raw from Feline Nutrition Foundation

Dr Karen Becker; The Biggest Myths About Raw Food (And Why They're Mostly Nonsense)

The video covers some of the myths around raw feeding, in particular to bacteria in raw meat

Basics of Raw Feeding Video Series by Dana Scott, Dogs Naturally Magazine

nine short Videos covering the basics of Raw Feeding

The Benefits of a Raw Meat Diet for Cats

Overview on benefits of a raw diet for your cat from the Feline Nutrition Foundation

Starting your Puppy on a Raw Diet

9 handy tips for getting your pup off to a good start on raw food by Dana Scott, Dog's Naturally Magazine.

Raw Meats - The Best and Healthiest Diet for your Dogs and Cats

In this video, respected USA vet Dr Karen Becker covers some of the most common questions she is asked about a raw food diet for your dogs and cats.

Balancing Fats For A Healthier Dog

An article in Dogs Naturally Magazine about the importance of good fats in your dog's diet

How to Feed Your Dog Raw Food

Comprehensive guide on how to feed your dog raw food by Dana Scott, Dog's Naturally Magazine

Feeding Raw Bones by Dr Bruce Syme BVSc

The article covers the benefits and guide to feeding raw bones to dogs by Dr Bruce Syme BVSc, www.vetsallnatural.com.au

Common Feeding Mistakes that can Harm your Dog

In this video, respected USA vet Dr Karen Becker talks about some common feeding mistakes which can harm your dogs 

Why Organ Meat is Important for the Raw Fed Dog

Dana Scott from Dogs Naturally Magazine goes into depth about the many nutritious benefits of organ meats. 

Petfooled Documentary on the Commercial Pet Food Industry

 A documentary that exposes the inner workings of the commercial pet food industry

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