Shinier Coats & Healthier, Less Itchy Skin

Up to 40% of the protein a dog or cat eats goes into their skin and coat, so it is vital they eat a high protein diet to ensure sufficient energy for their skin and coat, in addition to fuelling their overall metabolism. Raw meats contain good levels of key Vitamins such as Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3) and Vitamin A plus the essential fatty acid, Omega 3 which are all vital for skin and coat health.  Dry biscuits tend to use high levels of carbohydrates to boost energy supply rather than protein and the macro and micro nutrients are often stripped out in the processing and added back in synthetically, making them less bioavailable/absorbable. The raw meat, in particular the wild meats, can ease itching in dogs and cats with sensitive skin as they are much more novel source of protein, largely unaffected by environmental practices and processing treatments which can often promote allergens which affect skin plus the digestive and immune systems in particular after a period of exposure. Because the coats are in good condition less shedding is also a common benefit and therefore fewer furballs for cats.

Cleaner Teeth, Healthy Gums & Nicer Breath

Raw whole prey diet includes meaty bones which are a great source of calcium to strengthen teeth. The tearing/chewing motion when eating the bones helps reduce tartar build-up on teeth, plus helps produce  gastric juices which further control the tartar and aids digestion.  Tartar build-up can cause gum disease, the inflammatory impact of which has been linked to heart disease. You soon notice that bad no longer overpowers you when you get close to your dog or cat, thanks the reduction/ eradication of the gum disease and the improved digestion.  The risk of tartar and gum disease is higher for dogs and cats on starchy dry food as unlike humans, they lack the enzyme amylase in their saliva. Amylase starts to break down starch as soon as it enters the human mouth, however in dogs and cats the carbohydrate sugars from the starch remain in the mouth and teeth and fuel bacteria growth, leading to poor dental health and disease.

Improved Digestion & Smaller, Less Smelly Stools

Dogs and cats are carnivores and love meat. Their digestive systems perform best when dealing with what they were evolved to consume - a species appropriate raw prey diet. A dog’s digestive tract, for example, is virtually identical to a wolf (their DNA differs by only 0.02%). Cats meanwhile have become obligate carnivores through their ancestral diet and have to eat meat to obtain certain amino acids and vitamins which they are no longer able to make, due to sourcing them from prey.   The low PH in the stomach promoted by a raw diet enables a high acidity which can properly break down the raw food sources and fully absorb all the nutrients.  The high acidity also controls any harmful bacteria presented.  As the raw food diet contains such bioavailable nutrients, there is far less waste to be excreted than from a carb-laden dry diet with less bioavailable, nutritional value.  This means the stools from a raw diet are smaller, more compact and nowhere near as smelly. 

Higher Energy Levels & Calmer Temperament

A raw whole prey diet will improve energy levels in your dogs and cats as it is packed with very digestible and absorbable protein, fats, vitamins and minerals which are vital to a healthy metabolism.  Ironically at the same time, the diet will make your pet a lot calmer, mainly because  it will no longer be subject to the high sugar spikes promoted by a carbohydrate-laden dry diet, plus will not be affected by any of the impact of the chemical treatments used in the production of dry food to ensure their visual attractiveness and long shelf life.  Lastly your pet will benefit from the high levels of calming,  B complex Vitamins and in particular B 6 which can serve to naturally increase dopamine levels in the brain and helps ensure a healthy nervous system.  The long shelf life of the dry foods deplete any levels of B Vitamins which may have been present.

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