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Dogs Reduced Allergen Weekly Meal Bag (Beef Free)


The Reduced Allergen Weekly Meal Bags do not contain any beef or veal products so are ideal for dogs who have developed an intolerance/ allergic reaction to beef products. Symptoms for food intolerances/ allergies can be very varied, but most commonly exhibit as excessive itching/ licking, recurrent skin /ear infections, diarrhoea and vomiting.

We have made things very simple for you with 7 handy daily bags, each with the right amount of food  for your dog’s size. Just pull one out of the freezer each day and rest assured your dog will be getting a balanced diet during the course of the week.    

The menu has a good spread of macro and micro nutrients with at least 3 reduced allergen proteins, lamb tripe and offal. All the meat blocks are individually weighed so you can be sure your dog is getting the right amount each day.

You can choose if you would like the menu packed in handy daily bags or bulk packed to save money. If choosing the Bulk packed option please complete the Pet Profile to receive menu instructions. With the daily bags, defrost and divide them into two meals. 


For tailored recommendations on the daily amount your dog needs, please complete the Pet Profile on the Home Page.

The daily bag volume is based on an average adult maintenance diet of 2% to 2.5% of body weight, so a 10kg dog would go on the 9-12kg band which provides 240gms a day (2.4% of body weight).

Very active dogs need to be on around 3% of body weight, so a very active 10kg dog would go on the 13-16kg band which gives 320gms a day (3.2% of body weight).

Inner Auckland Courier Deliveries:

  • Thursday evenings: 6-9pm. Order cut-off: Tuesday midday.
  • $8.50: 1 box up to 20kg
  • $13.50: 2 boxes up to 40kg

Rest of North Island - Frozen Product.

Overnight Courier. Cost depends on volume/location and is calculated at checkout. See Delivery Page for pricing summary. Product cannot be shipped to rural addresses – closest agent details will be supplied. No frozen product shipped to South Island.

Order cut off: Monday midday. Shipped Wednesdays

Dry Food and Pet Care Products

Shipped Nationwide. Overnight courier costs $7.50 up to 3kg, $10.50 up to 6kg and $17.50 up to 10kg.

Spoiled Goods/Refunds/Replacements

If you feel the product has been delivered to you in a damaged or spoiled state, please take photographs and send them to with details on the issue. If are in agreement we will either credit your account or do a replacement delivery, depending on your preference.

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