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Compostable Dog Waste Bags
Compostable Dog Waste Bags
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This is a boxed pack of 2 rolls of 20 bags per roll, a total of 40 bags . A handy clip-on pouch also available to carry the rolls. 

Love your dog, the park, and the planet… It starts with a dog… and ends with clean paths and parks. BioBag Compostable and Biodegradable bags are the safe, hygienic and convenient way to follow your dog.

For dog waste destined for the landfill, these bags will decompose safely at about the same rate as the contents. They are leak proof but the film also breathes allowing the contents to dry out.  Their breathability allows aerobic biodegradation preventing the bad smell that occurs when dog waste "ferments" in a closed plastic bag.   

BioDog bags will decompose quickly in a composting environment, however we do not recommend placing dog waste in compost due to the unknown food ingredients a dog can consume and medications and pathogens dogs are exposed to.

2 rolls of compostable bags, 20 bags per roll (40 bags in total)

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