Omega 3 Source
Chicken & Salmon


Chicken is a high protein, nutritious food for dogs and cats, providing a good source of vitamin B 3 (Niacin) and B6 (Pyridoxine). Niacin plays a key role in converting food to energy and is vital to the healthy functioning of digestive and nervous systems plus the skin and coat. B6 aids the creation of antibodies in the immune system. Chicken is a key source of the Omega 6 fatty acid, arachidonic acid, vital for skeletal muscle growth and brain development.

Combining the chicken with a key Omega 3 like salmon ensures a good balance of these two vital fatty acids. With its anti-inflammatory properties, maintaining good levels of Omega 3 in the diet of dogs and cats is important for the well-being of the immune system, plus promoting a healthy skin and coat and preventing inflammation in joints. Salmon also provides a good supply of thiamine (B1) which cats need a plentiful supply (5 times more than dogs) and also the amino acid Taurine, which is essential to cats for the health of their eyes and heart in particular. unlike dogs, cats cannot produce taurine themselves.


Sourced from the MacKenzie Country our suppliers are extremely vigilant, using registered hunters who only hunt on certified poison-free and TB- free land. All product is processed in plants stringently approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries.


100% King Salmon. No fillers or preservatives


Frozen minced blocks. 1 kg bags, containing 12 blocks at approximately 80-85 gms per block.


Defrost before feeding and keep refrigerated. Not recommended to defrost more than 3 days’ worth. Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap after serving.

Inner Auckland Courier Deliveries:

  • Thursday evenings: 6-9pm. Order cut-off: Tuesday midday.
  • $8.50: 1 box up to 20kg
  • $13.50: 2 boxes up to 40kg

Rest of North Island - Frozen Product.

Overnight Courier. Cost depends on volume/location and is calculated at checkout. See Delivery Page for pricing summary. Product cannot be shipped to rural addresses – closest agent details will be supplied. No frozen product shipped to South Island.

Order cut off: Monday midday. Shipped Wednesdays

Dry Food and Pet Care Products

Shipped Nationwide. Overnight courier costs $7.50 up to 3kg, $10.50 up to 6kg and $17.50 up to 10kg.

Spoiled Goods/Refunds/Replacements

If you feel the product has been delivered to you in a damaged or spoiled state, please take photographs and send them to with details on the issue. If are in agreement we will either credit your account or do a replacement delivery, depending on your preference.

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