This mixed mince product combines two great low allergen products - wild Possum and pasture-fed farmed Veal. Being a wild, organic product Possum is naturally low-allergen. It is also high in protein, minerals and vitamins and contains the highest concentration of Omega 3 essential fatty acid of any protein source besides fish. The anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3 aid the healthy functioning of the heart and organs and also promote a healthy skin and coat.  As Veal is produced from calves generally less than 20 weeks old it is a good option for dogs and cats that may have some allergies to beef.  Veal contains much the same levels of protein, minerals and vitamins, but less than half the fat and is more easily digested.  It is rich in B vitamins and in particular B3 (Niacin) which plays a key role in converting food to energy and is vital to the healthy functioning of digestive and nervous systems plus the skin and coat. It is also high in phosphorous and zinc, promoting growth, strong teeth and bones, fast wound healing, good vision and a healthy immune system.


  • Source

    Possum sourced from the Hawkes Bay, our suppliers are extremely vigilant, using registered hunters who only hunt on certified poison-free and TB- free land.  All product is processed in plants stringently approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries. The Veal is from pasture-fed product sourced from human food chain.



    50:50  Veal (no bone) and Possum (approximately 10% minced bones, 10% offal). No fillers or preservatives. 



    Frozen minced blocks. 1 kg bags, containing 6 or 7 blocks at approximately 150-170gms per block.



    Defrost before feeding and keep refrigerated. Not recommended to defrost more than 3 days’ worth. Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap after serving.