Lamb brisket is a relatively soft bone  surrounded by 80% meat and fat (quite high fat content of approx 30%). The pieces range from approx 150 to 400gms so are suitable for medium to large dogs.  Lamb is a rich source of the vitamin B group and in particular, Vitamin B12  which helps prevent anaemia, protects the nervous system and aids digestion.  It is also a good source of zinc, a mineral that is vital to the healthy functioning of the immune system. Zinc also helps the animals stabilise their blood sugar levels and is necessary for an optimal sense of smell. Vitamin K is found in higher levels in Lamb than most other meats which are necessary for the production of blood-clotting proteins. Chewing the brisket aids good dental health and digestion.  The meat to bone ratio on frames is approx 80:20 .


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    From pasture-fed product sourced from human food chain. 100% New Zealand.  All meat is processed in plants stringently approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries. 



    100% lamb brisket. No fillers or preservatives. 



    Frozen in 1kg bags, 



    Defrost before feeding and keep refrigerated. Not recommended to defrost more than 3 days’ worth. Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap after serving.