Quick note - the price shown is for one week's bag and will change by weight band and order frequency. Click 2 or 4 bags if selecting the fortnightly or monthly delivery options. We have made things very simple for you with 7 handy daily bags, each with the right amount of meat, offal and meaty bones for your cat’s size. Just pull one out of the freezer each day and rest assured your cat will be getting the perfect balanced diet during the course of the week.  Each weekly menu includes at least 3 or 4 different types of meat to ensure the right balance of macro-nutrients suitable for cats: protein (20-25%), fat (10 -15%) and carbs (approx 3%) plus inclusion of key amino acids, vitamins and minerals which are essential for cats. Over the course of the week, the menu has been designed to provide the suitable mix of muscle meat (80 -85%), offal (10%) and bone (5-10%). Click here for a sample menu These percentages are typical of the composition of wild prey for cats. Select the monthly, fortnightly or weekly delivery option and save money as well as the stress of remembering to order.  


  • Select a weight band and we will prepare the right amount of food for your cat's weight. Please note, the price shown is for one week's bag and will change by weight band. Click 2 or 4 bags if ordering fortnightly or monthly options. The volume is based on an adult maintenance diet of 3% of body weight per day (see Feeding Guide). With Kittens, choose the weight band for their ultimate adult weight or the band for approx 10% of their body weight in the first 6 months, and then 5 to 10% after that during their first year.  Alternative contact us for a customised menu.