The Low Allergen Weekly Balanced Bags do not contain any chicken or beef/veal products so are ideal for dogs who have developed an intolerance/ allergic reaction to chicken or beef products. Symptoms for food intolerances/ allergies can be very varied, but most commonly exhibit as excessive itching/ licking, recurrent skin /ear infections, diarrhoea and vomiting.


We have made things very simple for you with 7 handy daily bags, each with the right amount of food  for your dog’s size. Just pull one out of the freezer each day and rest assured your dog will be getting the perfect balanced diet during the course of the week.  Select the monthly, fortnightly or weekly delivery option and save money as well as the stress of remembering to order.  Click here for a sample menu.


The price shown is for one week's bag and will change by weight band and order frequency. Click the 2 or 4 bags if ordering fortnightly or monthly options.