Our Chicken is free-range, certified organic - free from hormones, antibiotics, GMO, chemicals, and chlorine. it is a high protein, nutritious food for dogs and cats, providing a good source of vitamin B 3 (Niacin) and B6 (Pyridoxine). Niacin plays a key role in converting food to energy and is vital to the healthy functioning of digestive and nervous systems plus the skin and coat. B6 aids the creation of antibodies in the immune system. Chicken a key source of the Omega 6 fatty acid arachidonic acid, vital for skeletal muscle growth and brain development. Cats have a higher requirement for this than dogs as they are unable to convert fatty acids found in plant material into arachidonic acid. Chicken is also a good source of phosphorous which aids teeth and bone formation and normal heart rhythm and kidney function. Heart is a good source of the essential amino acid Taurine, vital for the healthy functioning of the eyes and heart. It is also packed with vitamins in particular B12 and also thiamine (B1) which cats need in abundance and is one of the best sources for the mineral selenium which helps protect the immune system.


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    Human-grade quality product, 100% New Zealand.  All meat is processed in plants stringently approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries. 



    100% Chicken, (approx 20% bone, 10% offal). No fillers or preservatives. 



    Frozen minced blocks. 1kg bags, containing  6 or 7  blocks at approx. 150 - 170gms per block.



    Defrost before feeding and keep refrigerated. Not recommended to defrost more than 3 days’ worth. Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap after serving. 

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