As seen in Tatler, Crufts Magazine and  UK Home & Garden, British luxury dog accessory designer Mann & Moon has now arrived in New Zealand and is exclusive to Brodie’s.   The CASUAL COLLECTION combines the effortlessly fashionable and hardwearing denim with strong bridle leather, gold stitching and brass fittings. The collars are made of a leather band with a sewn band of denim, in a yellow thread, firmly attached by brass rivets. The band is attached on the curve of the leather to ensure a smooth fit when being worn, therefore does not lie flat. All collars have a solid (welded) D-ring. The denim is treated with Scotchgard to give greater protection. The leather is waxed and polished before leaving us. All leather will benefit from some uncoloured polish now and again. Cleaning the collar should be done with either a clean cloth on a dry collar to dust mud off, or a damp cloth to wipe clean. The collar is not designed for salty water so not suitable for a dog who has a penchant for a dip in the sea! (but can wear it for any other day!).  All items are made to order so allow at least three weeks between order and delivery from the UK.


COLLAR SIZE (Mandatory. Price will change)
  • These are suggested widths for the length of collar, however we can make any width required. Our largest buckles are 2.5cm width, but we can make tapered collars e.g. for sight hounds, if requested.  


    Small - 1.5 cm (1/2 inch) width, 20 - 29cm long - suitable for small dogs such as miniature dachshunds

    Medium - 2 cm (3/4 inch) width, 30 - 39cm long - suitable for slightly bigger dogs such as full size Dachshunds, Border terriers, Welsh terriers..  

    Medium wide - 2.5 cm (1 inch) width, 30 - 39cm long - suitable for those dogs that like their collar to be a bit wider 

    Large - 2.5cm (1 inch) width, 40 - 49 cm long - suitable for larger dogs such as Labradors, Irish terriers, Spanish Water dogs...

  • Initial price shown is for the smallest size.  All items are made to order so allow at least three weeks between placing the order and delivery from the UK.  Please note, the prices shown do not included packaging orshipping from the UK.  This will be quoted and invoiced once the order has been placed.  Production will commence once freight is paid (refunds can be made if for any reason the freight quote is found to be unacceptable)

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