Brodie’s Beginner’s Box contains a 4-week meal plan to help your Cat smoothly transition to a raw diet. (Please note, if freezer storage is an issue we can deliver one or two weeks at a time just select Weekly or Fortnightly delivery option. The box contains 28 meal bags, all coded by day and week, with the amount based on your cat's weight.  We recommend you split the daily meal bag into 2 meals, morning and night, however, it is fine to feed as one meal if that is the usual routine. The plan starts with a plain, easily digest meat such as free-range, organic chicken and gradually introduces new proteins, with the 4th week representing the full, prey model diet for a cat – typically 83 -85 % meat, 5 – 7 % meaty bones and 10% offal ( with 5% liver).


Whilst cats are obligate carnivores (i.e they have to eat meat protein to obtain certain amino acids and vitamins which they are no longer able to make, due to ancestrally sourcing them from prey), at the same time they are addictive eaters, generally disliking changes to taste, smell and even shape, especially if they have been on dry food for a long time. This means a transition to a raw diet can take a lot longer than with dogs.  If they refuse to eat the raw food initially then a slow, staggered transition from dry to wet (canned) to raw may be required.  Try wetting the dry food and then slowly introducing some wet canned food (approx 25% a day initially). Do not leave the dry food out for them to graze on.  Give them 2 to 3 small meals a day.  Once they are fully on wet food, start mixing in the raw chicken from Week 1 (again only 25% initially and gradually increasing). Introduce the Lamb & Heart from Week 1 after the Chicken has been accepted. Keep reducing the amount of canned food and progress to Week 2 , 3 and 4 until the meals comprise all raw food. Refer to “Changing to a Raw Diet' on our Feeding Guide & Tips Page.


Weight of Cat (Required. Price will vary)
Delivery Frequency (required)
  • We recommend you complete the Pet Profile on our Home Page and we will advise which weight band best suits your pets needs. The volume of the bags is based on an adult maintenance diet of 3% of their body weight per day. Kittens can normally start on raw quite easily, however select the weight band which is appropriate to their full, grown adult weight, or if they are under 6 months, one that reflects approx 10% of their current body weight. As calcium intake is very important for kittens as their bones and teeth grow, you should give extra bones during the course of the week (eg approx another 10% ). If freezer storage is an issue we can delivery one or two weeks at a time - simply select weekly or fortnightly delivery option Please note, the price shown is for a 4 week meal plan (28 bags) and will change by weight band. 

  • If freezer storage is an issue we can delivery one or two weeks' meals at a time rather than the whole month -just select weekly or fortnightly delivery option.

    See below for delivery days in Auckland areas. There is a $6.00 delivery charge with all Auckland hand-deliveries.

    • Auckland Eastern Suburbs Thursdays 6-9pm
    • All other areas within a 20km radius of Orakei: Sundays 3-7pm

    Orders must be received by Tuesday midday for Thursday deliveries and Thursday midday for Sunday deliveries. Orders outside the Auckland delivery radius and elsewhere in the North Island will be quoted standard courier costs, plus packaging. These costs will be invoiced separately and product shipped once payment received. Frozen raw product can only be shipped to North Island addresses due to the perishable nature of the product. Dried treats and supplements are shipped nationwide (not internationally).

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