Brodie’s Beginner’s Bags contains a 4 week meal plan to help your dog smoothly transition to a raw diet. (Please note, if freezer storage is an issue we can delivery one or two weeks at a time just select Weekly or Fortnightly option )  The BAGS contains 28 meal bags, all coded by day and week, with the amount based on your dog's weight. We recommend you split the daily meal bag into 2 meals, morning and night, however, it is fine to feed as one meal if that is the usual routine. The plan starts with a plain, easily digest meat such as free-range, organic chicken and gradually introduces new proteins, with the 4th week representing the full, prey model diet of 60% meat, 20% tripe, 10% meaty bones and 10% offal.


To properly digest raw meat and bones, the stomach needs acidity in the stomach (low PH of approx 1-2). It is therefore important to stop feeding dry biscuits as the carbohydrates in these promote higher PH levels inhibiting the digestion of raw food plus making the dog vulnerable to pathogenic bacteria which high acidity levels are able to control.


Refer to ' Changing to a Raw Diet' on our Feeding Guide & Tips Page.