Healthy Treat
Air-dried Lamb Tripe (100gms)


Dogs go mad for tripe (smells delicious to them!)  Fortunately it is one of the healthiest treats you can give them as it is a great source of protein (it's a white muscle meat),  fibre (contains the fermented plant-matter from the lamb's stomach), plus has plenty of minerals and vitamins .  This tripe has been gently warm washed so is less green and less pungent than our other Venison tripe.



Human-grade, pasture-fed NZ lamb


100% lamb unwashed tripe. no fillers


Air-dried pieces in 100gm bags.

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Shipped Nationwide. Overnight courier costs $7.50 up to 3kg, $10.50 up to 6kg and $17.50 up to 10kg.

Spoiled Goods/Refunds/Replacements

If you feel the product has been delivered to you in a damaged or spoiled state, please take photographs and send them to with details on the issue. If are in agreement we will either credit your account or do a replacement delivery, depending on your preference.

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