Improved Digestion & Smaller, Less Smelly Stools
Dogs and cats are carnivores and love meat. Their digestive systems perform best when dealing with what they were evolved to consume - a species appropriate raw prey diet. A dog’s digestive tract, for example, is virtually identical to a wolf (their DNA differs by only 0.02%). Cats meanwhile have become obligate carnivores through their ancestral diet and have to eat meat to obtain certain amino acids and vitamins which they are no longer able to make, due to sourcing them from prey. The low PH in the stomach promoted by a raw diet enables a high acidity which can properly break down the raw food sources and fully absorb all the nutrients. The high acidity also controls any harmful bacteria presented. As the raw food diet contains such bioavailable nutrients, there is far less waste to be excreted than from a carb-laden dry diet with less bioavailable, nutritional value. This means the stools from a raw diet are smaller, more compact and nowhere near as smelly.