Higher Energy Levels & Calmer Temperament
A raw whole prey diet will improve energy levels in your dogs and cats as it is packed with very digestible and absorbable protein, fats, vitamins and minerals which are vital to a healthy metabolism. Ironically at the same time, the diet will make your pet a lot calmer, mainly because it will no longer be subject to the high sugar spikes promoted by a carbohydrate-laden dry diet, plus will not be affected by any of the impact of the chemical treatments used in the production of dry food to ensure their visual attractiveness and long shelf life. Lastly your pet will benefit from the high levels of calming, B complex Vitamins and in particular B 6 which can serve to naturally increase dopamine levels in the brain and helps ensure a healthy nervous system. The long shelf life of the dry foods deplete any levels of B Vitamins which may have been present.