Puppies on Raw Diets

We recommend you complete our Pet Profile on our Home page for tailored recommendations on how much and what to feed your puppy.  Here are a few tips on when and how to start puppies on a raw diet.

Puppies tend to be on the mother’s milk until 4 or 5 weeks, where upon their teeth appear.  Start the puppies on small amount of finely minced food, usually one protein source (chicken is easiest to digest).

By 6 or 7 weeks they can be eating the same mix of products as their mother, but smaller amount more frequently (3 or 4 times a day).  

At 8 to 9 weeks they need to be on larger amounts, 3 times a day. In the first few weeks of a raw diet.

We recommend feeding Goat Milk as an extra, easily digestible source of calcium and fats .

Feed 8% to 10% of body weight for the first month or two reducing down to approx 6% of body weight by 6 months of age and approx 2.5% to 3% by 12 months of age.  This will vary by breed and activity level. 

At 4 to 5 months is when they have the greatest growth spurt and energy requirements as adult teeth come in at this age. Increase food intake for a short period to anywhere up to 10% of body weight. 

As their bones are developing increase the amount of meaty bones fed to approx 15% so they get plenty of calcium. They should also be on slightly higher fat levels than an adult dog.  Be careful however that they do not put on too much weight too quickly as this can impact limb/ joint development.  You just be able to lightly feel their ribs and see their waist go in. We recommend our Bone Broth from approx 3 months of age when they are becoming more active and start to grow rapidly as it is an excellent source of chondroitin and glucosamine to help cushion and lubricate joints.