Changing a Cat to Raw Diet

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they have to eat meat protein to obtain certain amino acids and vitamins which they are no longer able to make, due to ancestrally sourcing them from prey. However at the same time, they are addictive eaters, generally disliking changes to taste, smell and even shape, especially if they have been on dry food for a long time. This means a transition to a raw diet can take a lot longer than with dogs.  If they refuse to eat the raw food initially then a slow, staggered transition from dry to wet (canned) then to raw food may be required.  Try wetting the dry food and then slowly introducing some wet canned food (approx 25% a day initially). Do not leave the dry food out for them to graze on.  Give them 2 to 3 small meals a day.  Once they are fully on wet food, start mixing in a single meat protein such as chicken, as this is one of the fastest and easiest proteins to digest (again only 25% initially and gradually increasing). Introduce another protein (e.g Veal & Heart, Rabbit, turkey) etc after the Chicken has been accepted. Keep reducing the amount of canned food until the meals comprise all raw food. Do not introduce meaty bones or offal until the cat is fully on raw food.