A 4-week meal plan of daily bags coded by week and day to smoothly transition your dog to a raw diet.

Weekly or fortnightly deliveries available if freezer space is an issue


The Beginner's Bags introduce products in a staggered manner, with Week 4 representing a balanced raw diet. The daily volume in each bag is based on an adult maintenance diet of 2% to 2.5% of body weight. If your dog is very active, select the next weight band up.



As puppies need to be on a higher percentage, please complete the Pet Profile so we can ensure your puppy's needs are properly met.

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Feedback on the Beginner's Bags




Hello! He’s been loving his raw food. And so have I! Such a breeze having them in their daily portion sized baggies. Not to mention the difference in his poops vs what they were while he was on kibble! Awesome!  

Madyson, Auckland

Want to Start Your Cat on Raw?

As cats are addictive eaters they can sometimes be a little fussy when switching from their usual diet to a new one. Therefore, rather than a 4 Week supply with the Beginner's Bags, we suggest getting 1 or 2 weeks of the Weekly Menu Bags to assess which products they prefer and we can then tailored a menu to their preferences afterwards.

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